Sportmedizinische Ambulanz Universität Wuppertal

Research group cardiovascular, haemostaseological and molecular Sports Medicine

The research group "cardiovascular, hemostaseological and molecular sports medicine" works on research tasks in the field of cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and heart failure. This group further investigates the area of hemostaseological diseases and others, examining the influence of acute physical activity up to athletic training both on application and basic level.

The aim of these research approaches is to uncover fundamental and also including molecular mechanisms in the pathophysiology of these diseases and, subsequently to develop optimised treatment protocols for the use of physical activity. This serves to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from these diseases, to improve diagnostics or, at best, to directly prevent the occurrence of these diseases.

A second focus is the analysis of molecular markers that play a role in inflammatory processes in the joints of hemophilic patients. For this purpose, corresponding markers are investigated in transverse and longitudinal sections.

Research focuses:

  • Studies on biomarkers (especially miRNAs) in sports cardiology
  • Comparison of the outcome of different training programs in rehabilitation for patients with cardiovascular diseases
  • Short and long-term effects of the different training programs in rehabilitation on relevant biomarkers
  • Identification and analysis of specific inflammatory biomarkers in patients with haemophilia

Members of the research group:

  • Univ.- Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Thomas Hilberg
  • PD. Dr. rer. nat. Udo Wehmeier
  • Dr. med. Thorsten Hagedorn
  • Dr. med. Michaela Adamek
  • Dipl. Sportwiss. Holger Stephan
  • M.Sc. Nils Klopphaus