Sportmedizinische Ambulanz Universität Wuppertal

Research group Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy

The research group "Physio- and Sports-Therapy" is engaged in the development and practical implementation as well as adaptation of physio- and sports therapeutic methods for the treatment of degenerative musculoskeletal diseases. Research focuses on the clinical pictures of arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis and haemophilic arthropathy as well as other orthopaedic diseases. Aditionally, adjacent interdisciplinary questions such as pain development and pain behaviour are dealt with.

Basically all research topics focus on improving the quality of life of affected patients by improving the disease situation or prevent diseases alltogether.

Current research projects:

  • iT-BaSTAH: iT-based sports therapy application in haemophilia
  • AIM-Active Study: Association between individual clotting factor level monitoring and the risk of bleeding whilst physical active conditions
  • Influence of a one-time coordination training on the pain sensation of persons with gonarthrosis
  • Development of an alternative rehabilitation sports concept for persons with a mental illness: state of the art

Members of the research group

  • M.Sc. Dshamilja Böing-Messing
  • Dr. Sportwiss. Fabian Tomschi
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Hilberg